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Honor and respect each other just as you honor and respect yourself. 


Pastor Joseph Riley along with his wife Apostle Doris Riley, are the founders of Shekinah Global Ministries (SGM), which is the parent ministry to Shekinah Bible Training Institute, 4th Watch Prophetic Prayer, Invasion of the Glory Broadcasts and Conferences, Shekinah Prison Ministry, Leading Ladies Awards, SKP Book Publishers, and a host of other conferences, teachings, and prophetic trainings.

Together this powerhouse team have birthed a 21st Century cutting edge Apostolic Training ministry with a passion to develop leaders with biblical truths and love for God. The happy couple have been married for 40 years and are the parents of two children: Christopher (C. Micah), with his wife Crystal and Konstance, with her husband Brian; and the two fraternal twins grandbabies, Jackson and Logan.